Drone Construction mapping

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Accurate Construction insights


2D and 3D Files

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Delivered in Days

( not weeks )


Highly Accurate

Safe and efficient


Tracking | Monitoring


100m | 330 Ft Tether

Eyes Above

Having eyes in the sky vastly improves awareness and leads to quick action and problem resolution


Collect data from above autonomously

Create orthostatic maps & models of your project


Measure Cut, Fill, Volume, Area, Distance and more

Investor Relations

Update your investors with aerial maps, images, and video over the project

Track Objects

Simply selection the object and the drone will track it

Project Management

Regular flights over the construction site can produce tools to help manage the job

Fly for 10+ Hours

Tether your drone for extended flight monitoring

Thermal Sensor

With Thermal and Infrared Sensors you can accomplish much more. From measuring fuel in a storage tank to finding intruders

Event Security

Monitor traffic and people with an eye above

Capture Contracts

Impress clients with aerial data that not only looks good but adds value


On-demand network in situations where connectivity

Inspection of cell towers


No need for a man lift inspect and document your structor at one time

Too Dangerous, Send a Drone

Send a drone into the danger zone, look for the issue or survivors

Time-lapse is a unique way to document, monitor, and market construction

Find out more about our time-lapse films and online photo archive

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