Van Life

with a Baby


The popular '02 "t1n" Sprinter

140' WB

5 cylinder diesel  2500

49,000 miles

Mechanically in great condition

Seats 3 sleeps 3


White bead board walls and cabinets, with wood butcher block, tongue and groove ceiling and vinyl floor


Solar, battery, inverter\charger, shore power

lasts 3 days off grid with no sun

AC or DC power

Fridge 4.5 Cft

Water Pump

Water | Propane

Under mounted fresh(18gal) & grey (13gal*) water tanks

Under mounted 6.9g propane tank with 2 burner stove top

Hot water heater

Shower and small tub





02 Freightliner Sprinter 140'wb

Rare find

< 49,000 Miles

5 cylinders

140 WB 2500

High roof

ex ambulance

Seats 3

Swivel passenger seat

Folding back seat with belt and storage space (F250 center console seat)

Custom steel roof rack and cedar deck mounted on aviation grade aluminium "L track"

Rack has removable attachment points

Main battery plus auxiliary battery

Power windows

Air conditioning (cab)

Cruise control

Spare tire with back door tire carrier by Surco

Power locks (currently not working)

2 spare keys

No rust anywhere..... We looked during conversion and found nothing in the floor or doors..... cleaned up a little rusted metal chips before we repainted the floor.

Dually wheels which increases Gross weight to 10,000lbs

Weighs 7,000 lbs with full fuel

this Low miles t1n sprinter is a rare find




White wood cabinets

Tongue & groove cedar ceiling 

Vinyl flooring (Water Proof)

Black hardware (fridge, handles, dc outlets, hinges)

White bead board walls

Full bed (54" by 70") 

Bed extends and contracts to save space 54"x 54" living mode

54" x 70" sleeping mode

Stainless steal sink/shower pan

Tonge and Groove red cedar shower 



Van Electrical System.jpg


200AH Battery - Renogy AGM Deep cycle

300W Solar panels

1000w Inverter/Charger Renogy

30 | 100 Solar Controller

30 amp Shore power

12 slot DC fuse Box

150 Amp Bosch Alternator

Dual van batteries

Novakool Fridge AC/ DC power 4.5 cubic feet ($1050 New)

25amp breaker between battery and solar controller

250amp fuse on battery

8 LED lights on 2 dimmers

4 DC outlets

3 AC outlets (indicator light when power is on)

1 voltmeter and USB outlet

Exhaust fan for hot water heater

Electric water pump(Shurflo 3.5 Gpm at 45 psi)

Propane on/off solenoid (Very safe and nice)

Maxxair Fan 5100k (10 speeds, auto hold mode, sucks in or blows out)

Side vent with high power fan (vents hot water heater and helps with draft )



6.9g Propane tank mounted underneath van 

Propane level gauge

Camplux 1.32 gpm Water heater

2 burner stove top with flame out protection and AC powered igniter

On/off solenoid touch switch to easily turn off the propane


Water Systems

18gal fresh water tank mounted underneath van

7gal grey mounted underneath van - receives water from shower and sink

6gal gray jug under sink - receives water from sink if diverted 

Under-mount stainless steal sink with black faucet and sprayer

Shower 24" x 17"x 9" stainless steel pan (its actually a sink but we stand in it and the baby takes baths) 

Red cedar shower with on/off shower nozzle and water mixer

Shurflo 3.5 gpm at 45 psi water pump - automatic but also has manual on/off switch (Very handy)

Shurflo accumulator 

 Shurflo filter

On demand hot water heater sends water to sink and shower (gets hot)

Pex tubing no leaks

Outside shower option at back door



With a Baby

Custom made hanging crib for baby (1.5x3ft)

Made from fabric and oak dowels, crib hangs over the drivers seat (clips in quickly).

It has a 3" ish cushy mattress* on a firm base. (side note - our baby finally started sleeping through the night when we finished this crib.)

Back seat that fits almost any car seat

Very securely attached back seat that also has rooms for toys.

*This is a diy crib that we felt was safe once our baby was crawling. Due to the softer mattress, use for younger babies at your own discretion and liability




The Build

With help, I built this van in 37 days

It was an ambulance in May and by July it was our home.
Huge thanks to my dad and other family.



We built the van with the intention to do it right. Fix all issues, use quality material, build it to last.

I could say so much here but I'll try to keep it short.

We fixed tiny bits of rust and were careful to clean up any metal flakes that we made to prevent future rust.

Painted bare metal 

Cleaned everything before construction

Used Havelock wool as roof and side insulation - this has amazing qualities like a high R value, sound deadening, and wicks water away

Sound deadening sheets were placed on every surface, this reduces noise considerably. (We often sleep near highways and hardly hear a thing)

We fixed holes from the ambulance lights with Bondo and sanded them smooth.

Avoided drilling holes in the floor..... BOOM we did it....there are NONE

(other than a few screw holes to hold the car seat down and the sub floor)




Got painted October 26th

Toured by Jarrod Tocci (Youtube famous van tour guy) Nov 7th

Van Maintenance 

We have 2 owners worth of maintenance history on a spreadsheet.

So you can see for yourself how it was maintained and how awesome it is!

Body - very good condition

Mechanically great

Power locks inop - 

The clicker works but doesn't actuate the lockers in the doors. I can't figure out why but someone could I'm sure. I should replace to clicker batteries but I haven't yet.

Idol while driving - (Solved - see bottom )

There was one thing- we have had 3 mechanics look at the van when we felt something strange. None of them were able to diagnose an issue the van shows no mechanic said that's amazing and he had never seen a sprinter with no codes.
One mechanic said to change the fuel filter so we did... did not feel the strange issue for 2 thousand miles... and now it is rare but I still feel it some times.


It is like the throttle backs off and the van slows down while you are driving... right when you change the position of the throttle it starts going again. It is clearly not a big issue but it is annoying.

It could be-

-Throttle position sensor

- Fuel filter

- Bubble in fuel line

All mechanics said it NOT the transmission.


Another owner said he had the same issue and he found the solution...he replaced the brake light switch which fixed a short in the system.