Long Term time-Lapse

Records images at intervals from 1 photo / minute to 1 / day

Use photos or time-lapse to update investors or managers

Maintain a photo history of the entire project

Access photo archive online any time from anywhere

Generate time-lapse' with a click

Share with investors, partners or on social media

Get latest photos emailed to you daily

Download images from the archive

Back up images on your own FTP server


Full Feature Film

Social media Video

Time-lapse offers a high level of flexibility during the editing process.

Interim films can be provided to display progress at milestone events or to your shareholders

From a simple time-lapse of the project to a full feature film including on site video, interviews, text and more

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MK V Systems

Mach ii Systems


Pro Resolution

High Interval 

Online Connection

Solar / AC Power

Status Alerts

Self Cleaning

Pro Resolution

Mid-High Interval 

Online Connection

Solar / AC Power

Status Alerts


Construction Time-lapse

Long Term Time-Lapse cameras are amazing management tools.  The camera systems we use allow for online monitoring and photo archive and are stored in multiple locations for file redundancy. They capture not just the whole timeline of events but can be remotely updated to capture more photos and certain days. Each camera system is monitored continuously and camera status can be checked and updated frequently.

  Time-Lapse videos can be generated with one click for last minute updates to managers or for social media.

Our final time-lapse film will be fully customized by you. We work with you to produce the final project. Midterm videos are also an option.


ONline Archive

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Archived by date/time

The online photo archive acts as a photo gallery, project record, and file back up all neatly organized by date and time


Save and share the photos with contractors and investors or give access to your marketing team. 

Generate Time-lapse

Users can generate time-lapse videos in less than a minute with one click.


Monitor in near real time what is happening on your project.

Compare progress

Easily compare progress with overlayed photos from any date/time

Store on your own Server

 Store the photos on your own FTP Server. 


Camera Systems




Technical Data
Up tp 50 Megapixel resolution MK V4II

Wear-free, electronic shutter

Up to 3 TB internal storage

Multiple recovery mechanisms

1 image per minute captured continuously, 1440 images/day

1 frame per second possible for up to 3 hours at a time 

Resumes automatically after power loss

Online connection via dual sim 3G/4G Router, WiFi and/or Ethernet, optional satellite link

IP65 protective housing, powder-coated aluminum, sun visor

Tempered abrasion-resistant glass

Option for thermoelectric cooling (+70°C ambient, desert version)

Option for dehumidifier membrane (tropical version)

Option for windshield wipers with 6l water tank (24 month reservoir)

MK tL.png

Technical Data

Up to 50 Megapixel resolution

Advanced 4G micro-computer

1 Image every 1 minutes

Up to 100° field of view

3-axis image framing

20W solar panel and 13600 mAh lithium ion battery

AC Power Option

Online connection via sim 3G/4G or Ethernet

500GB SSD Internal storage

Ethernet-ready housing

Sun visor & Water proof housing



Status Updates every hour

The camera systems will provide status updates on information including battery voltage, storage space, signal strength, upload speed, last connected time and more, so we are never in the dark about the systems.

Status Alerts

We receive alerts via text and email from the camera allowing for a rapid response to the problem.

Automatic Re-try

If a photo fails to upload it will try again. If it fails again the camera will continue shooting and the photo will be uploaded at night or downloaded by one of our service team members.

Never operate without status updates


Time - lapse Films

One Click Time-lapse production

In 1 minute with 1 click you can create a time-lapse from the previous 150 photos. Generate and share, it's that simple.

Monthly edits

For a professional update, we'll produce monthly edits using photos from the same time of day so you can see progress without any unwanted frames from night or stormy days.

This edit can be put to music, with titles added, color graded and stabilized.

Milestone edits

A beautiful product that you can take to trade shows or upload to your website. Everything from the monthly edits and more including video from on the project, interviews, titles, anything you want.

Final Edits

The final production is 90 second start to finish of the project. Depending on your use we can create a 30 second version or a 2 minute version. This edit is intended to be a beautiful promotional display of the project.

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